Smart Contracts Released for FIN and NOM Tokens

Smart Contracts Released for FIN and NOM Tokens

The Finom AG company has published smart contracts for both of its tokens, FIN and NOM, on the Etherscan website. These smart contracts are currently undergoing an audit. Absolutely anyone can participate in the inspection. If you notice a mistake in the code, send a message about it to [email protected]

According to the code, all of the FIN tokens – 2,623,304 total – have been released. The NOM tokens will be released in stages according to the following plan:


First token release (28.04.2018) – 3,390,000,000  

Second token release  (28.07.2018) – 565,000,000

Third token release (28.10.2018) – 565,000,000

Fourth token release (28.01.2019) – 565,000,000

Fifth token release (28.04.2019) – 565,000,000


A total of 5,650,000,000 NOM will be released, of which 2,623,304,000 NOM will be distributed among FIN holders at the ratio of 1 FIN = 1000 NOM. Please see the detailed plan in the infographic below.

Both smart contracts are irreversible and made on the ERC20 standard. 

Investors will receive their tokens on the Cryptonit exchange once the smart contract audit is complete. They will be able to move NOM tokens from the exchange to any side crypto wallet that supports ERC20.

Only verified users will be permitted to get FIN tokens. If an investor wants to transfer FIN tokens to an unverified user, that user must undergo verification on Cryptonit.

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