Nanopool Supports Monero's Anti-ASIC Fork

Nanopool Supports Monero's Anti-ASIC Fork

Nanopool, one the of the largest mining pools in the world for Ethereum, Monero and five other popular cryptocurrencies, announced via Twitter that it supports Monero’s new fork, which is aimed at protecting the coin’s decentralized mining from special devices known as ASICs.

In response to the Baikal and Bitmain companies’ announcement of their sale of ASICs built specifically to mine Monero, the cryptocurrency’s developers announced an anti-ASIC change in its mining algorithm. XMR has been moved from the CryptoNight algorithm that has been compromised by ASICs, to the ASIC-resistant CryptoNightV7. The fork came into effect today on block 1,546,000.

Nanopool is one of the few pools that was able to prepare for the fork in time, updating all its wallets and the service’s back-end.

"Two cryptocurrencies mined by Nanopool run on the CryptoNight algorithm: Monero and Electroneum. We’re already supporting the former in its transition to an ASIC-proof algorithm. The developers of the latter have yet to announce any changes in its mining algorithm, but we’ll support them regardless, as we’re also for decentralized mining," notes Anton Trusov, Nanopool’s founder.

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