Germany’s Blockchain Leader Approves FIN & NOM Token Contracts

Germany’s Blockchain Leader Approves FIN & NOM Token Contracts

The Chainsulting company, Germany’s leading expert in Blockchain consulting and development, has audited the code of Finom’s smart contracts for NOM & FIN tokens and published its findings in the blog. Now Finom AG has a Certificate of Compliance which confirms that it meets the CHAINSULTING AAA CYBER SECURITY STANDARD.

Finom AG is offering two kinds of tokens: FIN security and NOM utility. Both have successfully passed through a third-party audit by the Chainsulting company. The auditor checked the Solidity code of the tokens and concluded:

"It correctly implemented widely-used and reviewed contracts for safe mathematical operations.The audit identified no major security vulnerabilities, at the moment of audit. The simplicity of the audited contracts contributed greatly to their security. The minimalist approach in choosing which pieces of functionality to implement meant there was very little attack surface available."

The audited code is located in the Ethereum Blockchain under the label Smart Contracts. Here are the FIN Token address and NOM Token address.

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