Cryptonit Exchange Reopens Registration For New Users

Cryptonit Exchange Reopens Registration For New Users

After rebranding and working to increase the user capacity of the Cryptonit exchange, registration is open for new users. The exchange’s interface and trading engine have been completely revamped; it will allow the service to cope with larger loads. Since 2017, Cryptonit is a part of the financial blockchain company Finom AG, along with Nanopool, one of the largest mining pools, and TabTrader, a mobile app allowing to trade on 24 crypto exchanges.

Cryptocurrency exchange Cryptonit currently serves over 38,000 users with BTC, ETH and EUR pairs available for trading. An exchange deposit can be opened by transferring funds via bank card, direct transfer or crypto wallet. All these methods supplemented by OKPAY can be used for withdrawal operations. No verification is required to deposit and withdraw funds in cryptocoins. Cryptonit’s commissions remain one the lowest in the industry: between 1% and 4.5% for deposits and withdrawals.

"Recently, the sudden bitcoin growth raised a series of new users’ registration closings on the largest crypto exchanges including Bittrex, Kraken, and CEX.IO. The stream of a new audience was cut off, which provoked a slump in the cryptocurrency exchange rate. The market lacks a wide choice of high-quality and reliable platforms. This is the reason we are opening Cryptonit to new users earlier than we intended. Registration had been temporarily closed in order to carry out the platform’s maintenance. All planned technical work for the relaunch has now been completed. The trading engine is fundamentally new, and we expect it to hold greater loads in comparison with the previous one," notes Yegor Karatov, Chief Compliance Officer of Finom and Co-founder of Cryptonit.

The exchange supports about one thousand transactions daily. The platform developers plan to increase the trade volume significantly by incorporating LMAX Disruptor technology that will allow boosting the service’s capacity to one million transactions per day. It will raise the exchange to the same tier in the industry as Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex, and GDAX (Coinbase) have.

It's planned to merge user accounts on Cryptonit and Beetle. While registrations in the services are mutually exclusive: the app or the exchange.

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