Cryptonit Exchange Launches Progressive Web App

Cryptonit Exchange Launches Progressive Web App

Cryptonit incorporated Progressive Web App technology, which turns the website’s mobile version into an app. Thanks to this innovation, some of the exchange’s functions will be available offline. This means that Cryptonit users will be able to place orders even with an unstable connection.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are more user-friendly than the mobile versions of the websites they’re based on. Also, PWAs are compatible with the most popular mobile platforms, which means there’s no need to develop iOS and Android-specific versions.

"A PWA doesn’t have to be downloaded separately: the app saves all the data required to access onto the user’s phone when the site is first accessed. If the user later returns to the exchange’s site, it will offer a Cryptonit home screen shortcut, from which the exchange can be accessed directly. The app continues to run even without an internet connection: if will simply show the data from the last time it was online. This is particularly useful when users need to trade while experiencing a weak internet connection, which can happen on the subway or when traveling," explains Svetlana Semenova, one of Cryptonit’s developers.

Not every site can be turned into a Progressive Web App. Doing so requires comprehensive web adaptation, which is serious work. Nevertheless, this technology has given the Cryptonit project ergonomic and technological advantages that have permitted it to take a confident step forward and make its mark on the future. 

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