Blockchain Holding Finom AG Releases Q1 2018 Report

Blockchain Holding Finom AG Releases Q1 2018 Report

In its report for the first quarter of 2018, Finom presents the main productivity indicators for its daughter companies TabTrader, Nanopool, Cryptonit and Beetle, and reveals the completed stages of their roadmaps.

Since September 2017, the number of active users of Finom's ecosystem grew 2.4 times larger, while the company's headcount grew over 2.5 times in the same period. Seven new departments appeared, among them a legal and a web development division; a group was created to develop the mining program FinMiner; and the number of developers working on blockchain services increased.

"This is our first quarterly report, and we intend to release such reports regularly in the future," observes Finom AG’s CEO Kirill Suslov. "The company’s positive dynamic growth is obvious. It’s particularly pleasant to note that Finom and its services are demonstrating growth despite market decline. We have worked long and hard to achieve this level of success."

Nevertheless, during the reporting period the company was forced to put the full development of the unified Finom platform on hold in order to report on the token sale it carried out and reassess the project’s main development stages.

"The legal delays slowed down our placement of tokenized shares. And until we resolved the formalities we had no way of legally using the investments we received,” continues Kirill Suslov.  "However, we successfully overcame all of the regulatory hurdles and plan to release the project’s updated roadmap in the very near future."

The full report is available to download here: Finom AG Quarterly Report: Q1 2018

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