One FINOM for all solutions

Dear investors,

The FIN token sale is now over, and we would like to thank all of you who trusted our project out of the gate and to tell what we achieved so far and how the project will progress further.


With your support, we raised more than $41 million. $34 million was invested during the presale stage. In total, more than 7,000 investors took part in the campaign. We already started designing the services advertised in the roadmap, so some of them will be released (rolled out) very soon. Beyond that, while working on the project, we realized that the role of tokens in the platform ecosystem is much more profound than we previously envisaged.

The future of NOM

Exploring NOM applicability (the utility token you received as a bonus when purchasing the FIN security token), we discovered that the more frequently the token works in the business ecosystem, the more services and transactions it serves, the greater benefit it brings.

We arrived at the conclusion that our token should be more relevant and valuable, and for this purpose, it has to be given a new meaning. For a highest possible efficiency, it should become a fuel for the whole ecosystem, and serve not only as a discount or a bonus tool for certain services but as a full-featured payment method within the platform. To that end, the following important steps must be taken:

  • an additional NOM utility tokens emission
  • attracting more private and individual investors from the crypto community, the audience our ecosystem caters to
  • the initial purchase price reduction in order to make the token more usable as a payment tool available even for small transactions.

In addition, the development and integration of all services require bigger investment amount than previously estimated.

New crowdsale

To implement all these plans, we start a new token distribution campaign dedicated to NOM utility tokens only. It will begin on February 1, 2018, and will last until March 3, 2018.

Before it starts, we will summarize the results of the previous campaign and negotiate with a number of key crypto exchanges about the tokens placement: the NOM token will be listed no later than March 15th, 2018. In addition, the token economy will be totally redesigned, as well as the WhitePaper and the platform architecture. We will start a long-expected bounty program and create video content explaining the new ecosystem scheme.

Your bonuses

You have put your trust in the project from the outset, therefore, we offer you special privileges during this new stage of the token sale. First, in the short term, all first-stage investors will be credited with additional NOM tokens. You will see them soon in your account.

In addition, we offer you the special discounts for NOM tokens to purchase. All the details will be available in an updated whitepaper, which we are going to publish on our website before the start if the second stage.

We make no doubt that together we will build a more efficient project architecture that will ensure the synergistic and sustainable growth of both tokens prices.

Yours faithfully,
FINOM team